Statement of Purpose

The Workers of England Union is a membership based organisation that endeavours to protect your individual rights and the rights of the workers of England. The Workers of England Union believes individuals who contribute towards a prosperous, equal and safe working environment should receive recognition, respect and justified rewards for their hard work. The Workers of England Union recognises that the workers of England are made up of individuals from all over the world who have decided to settle and live in England. The Workers of England Union believes all of them are entitled to fairness, respect and dignity.

The Workers of England Union accepts and recognises its responsibility as a trade union to actively pursue the above and will continue to promote a prosperous society within a democratic England where employers and employees work closer together.

To accomplish this, The Workers of England Union believes it needs to actively involve and support its members because we know we have a stronger chance of implementing positive change if we have one voice. These changes are individual to every work place and below are a few examples where we can make a difference.

Better pay
Improved childcare
Realistic working patterns
The elimination of poor health and safety standards
Establishing mutual respect by both employer and employee
Taking action against racial and sexual discrimination
Combating bullying and harassment in the workplace
Representation with legal advice and assistance

Always remember our ultimate aim is to enhance and improve the lives of the workers of England. The Workers of England Union has members working in every part of the English economy. These members are men and women, young and old, retired, working full time or part time. The Workers of England Union has a diverse membership and all are working towards one aim, FAIRNESS FOR ALL

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  1. Mike Merriman | 24/08/2015 at 8:20 am |

    Hello. I’m a warehouse operitive with one of the biggest companys in the UK. Am I entitiled to join the union? Thanks in advance

    • We are a General Union and represent members in all kinds of industries, whilst you mention you work for one of the biggest company’s in the UK our aim is to represent Workers in England who do not have a collective voice.

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