Taxpayer Funded BBC releases salary information

Dear Members 

Please remember that the BBC is funded by you, the taxpayer. You are paying for these large salaries! We ask the question is it time for the BBC licence fee to be scrapped?

The Workers of England Union campaigns against extortionate wages and we feel that this is a clear example. 

This is only the top 10 earners, this does take into account the executive pay and the number who are on £100,000plus.



Stephen Morris

Casualty’s Derek Thompson, who plays Charlie Fairhead, is the top earner in the scripted TV category, earning between £350,000- £399,999 for his iconic role. 

Director-General Lord Hall has since defended Chris’ pay, saying: “He is presenting the most popular show on the most popular radio network in Europe.

“It might not be commercial radio, but we do know that for a number of presenters they have been made offers by commercial radio,” he added. 

The top 10 earners are:

1. Chris Evans – £2,200,000-£2,249,999

2. Gary Lineker – £1,750,000-£1,799,999

3. Graham Norton – £850,000-£899,999

4. Jeremy Vine – £700,000-£749,999

5. John Humphrys – £600,000-£649,999

6. Huw Edwards – £550,000-£599,999

7. Steve Wright – £500,000-£549,999

8. Matt Baker – £450,000-£499,999

9. Claudia Winkleman – £450,000-£499,999

10. Nicky Campbell – £400,000-£449,999

Alex Jones – £400,000-£449,999

Andrew Marr – £400,000-£449,999

Stephen Nolan – £400,000-£449,999

Alan Shearer – £400,000-£449,999

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