Big Victory for Workers of England Union against London Underground

We have some fantastic news that we wanted to share with you, please read this short update:

A veteran London Underground manager who was sacked after she condemned George Floyd, has won a claim for unfair dismissal.   Tracy Webb, who is white, in a civil partnership with 2 mixed race children from previous relationship, and an army veteran, was in charge of an ethnically diverse team of 250 workers, was sacked for ‘offensive and inflammatory’ posts on social media about Black Lives Matter and Floyd’s long criminal record!

Tracy posted on Facebook:   ‘Never deserved to be murdered by a police man. But… really was not a nice guy,’ and ‘On 22 May 2013, no-one rioted in the UK when two black men hacked Lee Rigby to death. It’s time to bring back the death penalty. Where were you all then? All lives matter.’   Despite having served London Underground for 32 years, she was SACKED as duty trains manager in February 2021 for these posts!

But here’s the good news. Tracy Webb was represented (and robustly defended) by the Workers of England trade union, who WON her Industrial Tribunal claim for unfair dismissal, meaning she will now likely be receiving compensation!  

This is a big victory for Tracy, the union and for English justice!   Finally there is a Union that is dedicated to defending the workers of England against “Cancel Culture”!  

Below is the Employment Tribunal Judgement, London Underground had clearly not been robustly challenged by a trade union like the Workers of England Union, and they were either unable or unwilling to answer the legal points the union put forward.