NHS Professional Indemnity Insurance

What is NHS indemnity?
The NHS takes its’ responsibilities regarding vicariously liability very seriously. In its’ booklet “NHS Indemnity: Arrangements for clinical negligence claims in the NHS”, it makes it clear that: “NHS bodies should accept full financial responsibility where negligent harm has occurred, and not seek to recover their costs from the health care professional involved”.

The NHS fully accepts its responsibility for the actions of not only those working under a contract of employment with a NHS body, but also agency staff, students and volunteers.

Therefore, there are no foreseen circumstances in which a NHS employee is likely to be sued for their actions.

Am I covered if I am a student?
Yes. In addition if you are a student working on a placement under the supervision of a NHS employer you are covered by NHS Indemnity.

Where there are clinical placements outside of the NHS, then whoever is providing the placements (ie nursing homes, residential home or private hospital) is vicariously liable for your action.

Therefore, if you work for the NHS, you will already have an appropriate indemnity arrangement.