Non-NHS Professional Indemnity Insurance

Where there are clinical placements outside of the NHS, then whoever is providing the placements (ie nursing homes, residential home or private hospital) is vicariously liable for your action.

Therefore, if you work for example nursing homes, residential home or private hospital those employers will already have an appropriate indemnity arrangement.

You are covered by the organisation that you work for (your organisation is, generally, legally
responsible for your actions – this is known as vicarious liability and they should have insurance in place to cover that liability)

The employers Indemnity Insurance should cover negligent harm caused to patients or healthy volunteers in the following circumstances: whenever they are receiving an established treatment, whether or not in accordance with an agreed guideline or protocol; whenever they are receiving a novel or unusual treatment which, in the judgement of the health care professional, is appropriate for that particular patient; whenever they are subjects as patients or healthy volunteers of clinical research aimed at benefitting patients now or in the future.

All organisations involved in the provision of health care, both inside and outside the NHS, have a duty of care and are vicariously liable for that actions of all staff who are directly or indirectly under their employment. This includes voluntary organisations that have a duty of care to their volunteer workers.