Matt Hoy v UB40 (Feat Ali & Astro)

Matt Hoy until recently was a singer with UB40 (Feat Ali & Astro), he was dismissed by them and the management company because he wouldn’t take the experimental covid 19 vaccinations. Matt was at the time, and still is, unable to take the vaccine due to previous medical issues which placed him in hospital and which the band and the management company were aware of.

The WEU are supporting Matt is his case against UB40 (Feat Ali & Astro) and their management company, and we ask you to also support his case.

From Matt

“Please help me fight for everyone who lost their jobs including myself whom refused the vaccine or for medical reasons couldn’t have it. I don’t want to share this on social media just yet as we need to raise funding to kick start it, I only have 30 days to raise 5k so I can extend the Crowd Justice form. Anything you can afford would be greatly appreciated and please share to all your friends. I will be suing Ali Campbell for sacking me for being medically unable to have the vaccine, I also want to be a voice for all others. I’m being backed by The Workers of England Union who will help anyone else in similar situations. Every penny counts, please read my story and all funds raised go direct to the Lawyer who is fighting my case. Let’s have a voice and put an end to tyranny and domestic terrorism.

Kind regards”

He has released a new record called ‘Strong (Heros and Heroines)’ which we hope you will support.

This is his crowdfunding page