Updated Paternity Leave Regulations

On 8 March 2024, the Paternity Leave (Amendment) Regulations 2024 will come into effect, making changes to existing paternity leave rights in the UK.

The key changes being introduced are as follows:

  • The two-week paternity leave entitlement can be taken in two non-consecutive blocks, each being a week in length. Previously, they were only permitted to be taken in a single block, lasting one or two weeks.
  • Paternity leave can be taken at any point in the 52 weeks after birth or adoption, as opposed to the previous time frame of 8 weeks.
  • Employees are required to give 28 days’ notice of their intention to take a period of paternity leave. Prior to this, notice had to be provided to employers 15 weeks before the expected week of childbirth (EWC).
  • Where initial notice has been given to take paternity leave, employees can vary any dates previously given, provided they give 28 days’ notice.

The changes imposed by these Regulations will apply where:

  • The EWC is after 6 April 2024.
  • The expected date of placement for adoption is on or after 6 April 2024.
  • The expected date of entry into Great Britain for adoption is on or after 6 April 2024.

Eligibility for paternity leave and pay remains the same and is a right restricted to employees.

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