Stand Against Mandatory Vaccination (NHS and Health Sector)

Sajid Javid has made clear his intention to introduce a law requiring mandatory vaccination for workers in the health sector from April 2022. The new law has not been ‘made’ yet has been voted on in Parliament on 14 December and approved.  This will affect not only the NHS, but will affect anyone engaged in a ‘regulated activity’ in the healthcare sector. Although applying only to England, the impact will be UK wide and we know the devolved administrations will follow suit before long.

Many staff who are already ‘fully vaccinated’ may imagine they are unaffected. They are not. The law allows the goal posts to be moved so that there is no end to the number of vaccinations or ‘boosters’ that may be required. Everyone could be required to have another vaccine every 4 or 6 months into the future to keep their employment.

We know from experience of workers in the Care Homes the strategies that will be deployed to coerce employees to give in and accept vaccines under this new regime. To resist those strategies and to support employees who may feel under pressure, a template letter for employees to send to their managers and/or senior personnel as appropriate, is available for NHS Trust employees and those in the health sector but not employed by an NHS Trust. Links are below.

The letters (almost identical but only one refers to Trusts) are designed for use by any workers who may be affected by mandatory vaccinations in the health sector.

To use them, you need do nothing more than insert yours and your Trust or other employer’s name and address details, then send it to them by email or hardcopy as you wish.  There is strength in numbers so you may wish to consider sharing this template letter with colleagues and friends.

Download your template letter here:

Article from Law or Fiction working with the Workers of England Union and Health Care Professionals

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