How pressure mounted on UK Government to lift Public Sector pay cap

Dear Members

The Conservative, Prime Minister will face fresh pressure today after a damning report showed the impact of public sector pay cuts after years of pay freezes. The Guardian reports that teachers have seen average pay fall by £3 an hour in real terms and police officers by £2 an hour and nurses wages are 14% lower.




Senior figures, including Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Justine Greening and Michael Gove, all indicated that the 1% cap on wages ought to be lifted in the immediate future.

Theresa May’s words last year now seem worthless, she said: “Our economy should work for everyone, but if your pay has stagnated for several years in a row and fixed items of spending keep going up, it doesn’t feel like it’s working for you.”

The Workers of England Union agrees with the  TUC who has pointed out that polling in the days after the election showed more than three-quarters of voters wanted to end the artificial pay restrictions and we need to remember that  Theresa May only a few days ago found £1.0 Billion of English taxes to give to the DUP to spend in Northern Ireland. That £1.0 Billion could have been used as part of lifting the pay cap.

Only a few days ago Eddie Bonet, in his role as Campaign Director for the CEP criticised hat DUP deal on the Express online website.


“Campaign director Eddie Bone said: “Theresa May has shown utter contempt for the English Taxpayer by using English money to buy DUP votes.

“Currently the English taxpayer funds Northern Ireland by £10.4 Billion per year as England is the only country that contributes more than they take out under the Barnett formula. 

“Now they are being told that they have to give another £1.0 Billion over two years to Northern Ireland. By paying the DUP with English money, Theresa May has wilfully damaged the UK. How much longer can the English taxpayers continue to be treated as fools by the British government.”

He said the financial struggles experienced in the English heath and education systems were being sacrificed in order to prop up Mrs May’s government. 

Mr Bone said: “Theresa May doesn’t care about the English taxpayer because she has just given away £1.0 Billion of English taxes to Northern Ireland. Please just consider, what could be accomplished if that £1.0 Billion was spent in England. After all, it does belong to England because English taxpayers are net contributors under the Barnett formula. 

“A strong English voice in an English Parliament is the only way to stop this foolhardy woman from giving more English taxes away to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

“An English Parliament is urgently needed if England’s future is to be protected!”