Metrolink Managers’ loose talk may close Manchester Trams and cost Millions

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Dated 30th July 2015

Metrolink Managers loose talk may close Manchester Trams and cost Millions

On the 22nd July 2015 two Metrolink managers were overheard discussing damaging confidential information whilst on the Tram. Unfortunately for them a Trade Union activist from the Workers of England Union was sitting in front of them. What she heard would make any Trade Unionist’s ears ‘tingle’ as the information talked about in a public area was gifting any active Trade Union with the tactics that would potentially see their members pay improve!

Snippets from the conversation of those two loose talking managers would put a smile on most workers faces. As follows

They highlighted their company’s weaknesses

‘That they hadn’t got enough drivers’ and ‘that they were paying through the nose for overtime…’

‘even so relying on overtime and rest day working it’s not a sensible way to operate a network is it?…’

Then they highlighted the strategy and method that could bring the Trams to a halt

‘Particularly if there’s an industrial dispute and the drivers say right were going to work to rule and were withdrawing rest day working, overtime working, the system would grind to a halt really that’s…’

‘because its much more disruptive if there’s a strike in some respects, if they’re off they’re off; you can plan for it but you can’t plan for you know drivers not working their rest days and so forth…’

Then they highlighted the best time to undertake the industrial action

‘If UNITE, get they’re act together and realise that they could go on strike’..

because there waiting for the football season all those…. will say work to rule..

No more rest day working, no more rest day working and work to rule, you know it doesn’t you know…’

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Eddie Bone, President of the Workers of England Union, said, ‘If the Workers of England Union was the recognised Trade Union at Metrolink we would be instantly acting on that information to improve the working conditions of Metrolink employees’. The 1st game of the premiership is on the 8th August 2015, just one week away. Just imagine the mayhem if Metrolink drivers worked to rule. According to those Metrolink managers it would bring the ‘system to a halt’.

Eddie continued: Maybe the Metrolink’s Managing Director, Chris Coleman should offer a pay increase before the football season starts or Unite get their act together(not likely?).

Eddie Bone


Workers of England Union

Video Link of the conversation is below

4 Comments on "Metrolink Managers’ loose talk may close Manchester Trams and cost Millions"

  1. what an irresponsible attitude for the President of a Trade Union to take. Work to rule in furtherance of a pay claim is a strike and should only be as a last resort. Does Mr bone seriously consider himself smarter and bolder the the Unite leadership. When i look at his salary and membership maybe his members should be asking am I in right union

    • We agree that a strike should only be as a last resort, however someone deciding not to work a rest day cannot possibly be considered as ‘Striking’ and those managers have indicated that if all employees asserted their contractual rights to their rest days then system would grind to a halt.

      • Any action in futherance of a dispute is considered to be industrial action and would require a ballot to be considered legal. I’m assuming that Unite has signed a wage deal with employer and could only renegotiate when it is up for renewal. They aint gonna jump the gun and be branded irresponsible just cos Eddie B. tells em to.
        W.of E should be concentrating on fighting management and not driving wedge between workers . I wont be renewing my CEP membership if this is what he’s really like.

      • if all employees decide to take there rest days cos they was tired? then yes but if union tell them to it is ” illegal “. You need to tell Robin to brush up on Employment law

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