Launch of our “Bus Driver’s Charter”

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On Saturday the 6th June, the Workers of England Union launched the first draft of our Bus Drivers’ Charter (Please see attached). The Charter is designed to give you a chance to highlight your concerns and say which aspects of your working conditions need to be improved. We have allocated 3 months for the draft copy to be completed and we need your involvement for this to work. Once your ideas have been collated the Charter will be formalised and sent to the relevant authorities and Bus companies.

Improving your working conditions should be an essential part of being a good employer and we want the Bus companies to understand that just meeting the minimum requirement is not good enough. The Charter will highlight key areas where you think they can improve the service for Bus Drivers and passengers.

Please take this opportunity to get involved and have your say.

The Workers of England Union is a Trade Union that wants to see an improvement in your working conditions – PLEASE HELP US AND GET INVOLVED!

The Workers of England Union will be distributing the first draft of the Bus Drivers’ Charter across the garages over the next 3 months.  If you would like to help out with distribution of the charter please contact our office on 01206 766899.

Bus Drivers Charter 1 Bus Drivers Charter 2

Bus Drivers Charter 4


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