The National Minimum Wage rates changed on 1 October.

You can find out if you’re paying the right amount with our free NMW calculator

From April 2016, a new National Living Wage of £7.20 an hour is due to be introduced for working people aged 25 and over.

Acas has practical guidance and tools to help get pay issues right.

National Minimum Wage changes

New step-by-step guide on handling pay and wages

Calculating holiday pay

Pay deductions advice

Contracts and written statements

Pay is just one element of a work contract that employers need to understand. Many Employment Tribunal claims arise from poorly drawn up contracts.

Did you know that a contract can begin as soon a verbal offer of a job is accepted? Or that terms and conditions of employment (written statements) must be given to an employee within two months of starting?

Here’s some Acas guidance to help:

Contracts of employment guidance

The new employee’s contract: A step-by-step guide

Advice leaflet – varying a contract of employment

Contracts of Employment & Written Statements elearning

Written Statement of Employment template

Hiring staff template form

Acas training – contracts and terms and conditions

Stewart Gee, Acas Head of Guidance, “Employers should give new employees clear terms and conditions as early as possible and encourage them to ask questions if unsure of anything to avoid misunderstandings.”

Further workplace advice and guidance

Discipline and grievances at work: The Acas guide

Promoting positive mental health

Managing performance

In case you missed it: we recently launched new guides on:

Recruiting staff

Starting staff: induction

New step-by-step guide on handling pay and wages

Equality and discrimination: understand the basics

Prevent discrimination: support equality

Discrimination: what to do if it happens


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