W.E.U. takes first steps into the Post Office

weu-test-logo5.jpgOn Wednesday 21st January 2015 the Workers of England took it’s first steps in to the Post Office when one of our members required representation.

To say the Communications Workers Union (C.W.U.) wasn’t pleased to see us enter their domain is an understatement, at the disciplinary hearing the Manager was very defensive and selective in what they were saying, clearly not knowing basic employment rights to representation as they had to keep leaving the room to get advice.

Our member was even asked during a Disciplinary meeting “Why did you go to an outside Union rep” the response the Manager heard was certainly not to their liking “I didn’t feel I was been represented properly”

The Workers of England Union represent people in all sectors of industry, we are now representing people employed by the Post Office and from this case the C.W.U are certainly concerned at our effectiveness in employment related issues.

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